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Day Four of Irish Cables in Irish Independent

June 4, 2011

Irish Independent

Wikileaks Irish Cables, Day Four
Friday, 3 June 2011

Front Page
“FF turned blind eye to US ‘torture flights'” – shane Phelan

Pages 24-25
“FF turned blind eye to US ‘torture flights'” – shane Phelan (cont’d)
“Spook speak for kidnap, smuggling and torture” – Don Lavery
“Government refused to grant US soldiers any special status” – Tom Brady
“Airport talks kept quiet ‘for fear of anti-war protests” – Shane Phelan

PAges 26-27
“Cabinet divided on resettling of former Guantanamo inmates” – Shane Phelan and Tom Brady
“Fears for ‘psychologically damaged’ detainees sent here” – Shane Phelan
“Irish firm blocked from exporting lasers to Iran over missile fears” – Shane Phelan
“cullen: Ryanair’s takeover bid not tolerated” – Shane Phelan
“Gilmore under fire over Lisbon views” – Fionnan Sheehan

Pages 28-29
“HSE children ended up in brothels” – Tom Brady and Shane Phelan
“How the scourge of people trafficking grew in Ireland” – Shane Phelan
“US official intervened to secure release of kidnapped priest” – Shane Doran
“Diplomats horrified plane deal awarded to Boeing rival” – Shane Phelan

Pages 30-31
“‘Only the IRA had discpline to keep £26.5m off streets'” – Tom Brady and Adrian Rutherford
“Businessman suspected of heist role” – Tom Brady
“Robbery came close to killing off peace process” – Tom Brady and Adrian Rutherford
“US believed party was a spent political force” – Adrian Rutherford
“Adams’ denial of IRA links to crime ‘absurd'” – Adrian Rutherford
“Top Republican favoured by US Embassy” – Tom Brady
“Official hailed Assembly as a ‘daily miracle'” – Adrian Rutherford

Pages 32-33
“Shannon goes to heart of our relationship with US” – Eamon Delaney


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