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Day One of Irish Cables in Irish Independent

Irish Independent

Wikileaks Irish Cables, Day One
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Front Page:
Beginning of “How the US taps into our secrets” by Shane Phelan
Introductory paragraphs (also online:

Page 22-23:
Double Page Spread on “Wikileaks: The Ireland Cables” by Shane Doran (also online:
“How the US taps into our secrets” (cont’d)

Page 24-25
“Greens are only interested in hares, stags and badgers, Hanafin told US envoy” by Shane Phelan
“The diplomats and senior civil servants who briefed their counterparts in Washington” by Shane Phelan
“Geoghegan-Quinn got Euro job after Barroso urged Cowen to pick a woman” by Shane Phelan

Page 26-27
“Why IRA chose ‘hard army man’ to deliver peace message” by Tom Brady
“Clinton ordered information on garda counter-terrorism strategies” by Adrian Rutherford and Tom Brady
“Independent body briefed the US on progress of decommissioning” by Adrian Rutherford
“McAleese held secret talks with loyalists” by Shane Phelan
“Parties ‘in talks three years prior to power share deal'” by Adrian Rutherford and Liam Clarke

Page 28-29
“FBI and CIA among groups briefed on our affairs” by Shane Phelan
“Government resisted US pressure over arms embargo” by Shane Doran
“Americans got their hands on key EU Iraq file” by Paul Connolly and Adrian Rutherford
“World of cocktail receptions, cultural soirees, and secret surveillance operations” by Eamon Delaney

Page 30-31
“A baby-faced soldier, Lady Gaga… and the biggest spillage of US secrets ever” by Adrian Rutherford
“#Why the US will stop at nothing to silence me…'” by Shane Doran (Interview with Assange, complete videos for which are online:

Page 31-32
Comment: “Unique insights into the real world” (also online:
“Big Brother is watching us very closely indeed” by James Downey