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Day Two of Irish Cables in Irish Independent

June 1, 2011

Irish Independent

Wikileaks Irish Cables, Day Two
Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Front Page
“The singing pub-goer and the sociable loner”

Pages 26-27
“BIFFO nickname suited Cowen ‘especially well’, said US envoy” – Shane Phelan
“‘Ahern’s frugal lifestyle apparent to all'” – Shane Phelan
“Putin ‘all show and a slippery character'”
“‘He is a genuine “old boy” from north Dublin, with a distinct accent, in English and in Irish, to match'” – Shane Phelan

Pages 28-29
“Clinton was kept in loop on expenses scandals” – Shane Phelan
“Minister’s delay in stepping down took the sting out of budget’s ‘political punch'” – Shene Phelan
“Frustrated Ahern tried to raise stakes in power-sharing drive” – Shane Doran and Adrian Rutherford
“SF spooked by dissident ‘plot’ to kill McGuinness” – Adrian Rutherford
“Embassy officials cosied up to opposition as crisis deepened” – Shane Phelan

Pages 30-31
“What US really thinks of our leaders” (Collection of quotes)
“Sometimes best stories really are too good to be true”…” – Shane Doran

Pages 32-33
“Cowen’s ‘remarkable’ failure” – Shane Phelan
“Treaty rejection sparked anti-Irish sentiment in Germany” – Shane Phelan
“Gilmore ‘took opposing views in public and private'” – Fionnan Sheehan
“America was unaware of source of Libertas funding” – Shane Phelan
“Ganley ‘wanted Ahern’s US address delayed'” – Shane Phelan

Page 34
“Yes it’s a special relationship, but the US still doesn’t trust us” – Fionnan Sheehan


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