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Day Five of Irish Cables in Irish Independent

June 5, 2011

Irish Independent

Wikileaks Irish Cables, Day Five
Saturday, 4 June 2011

Front Page”
“Provo ‘businessmen’ fronted property drive” – Tom Brady

Pages 20-21
“Provo ‘businessmen’ fronted property drive” – Tom Brady (cont’d)
“Idea of coalition with Sinn Fein provoked fury among FF TDs” – Adrian Rutherford
“Britain exposed IRA mole Donaldson to taunt Provos” – Tom Brady

Page 23
“Ahern hardened his stance toward SF after £26.5, robbery” – Tom Brady
“Northern Bank raid was breaking point” – Eamon Delaney

Pages 24-25
“US tried to force action on Colombia Three” – Tom Brady
“McDowell backed US pursuit of Garland” – Tom Brady
“‘No change’ in policy on US military flight checks” – Fionnan Sheehan and Lise Hand
“US kept close eye on ‘Slab’ Murphy investigation” – Tom Brady
“Diplomat in Taliban link claim kept role as adviser” – Shane Phelan

Pages 26-27
“IRA retained active global support” – Adrian Rutherford
“Afghan stand-off ended in ‘victory'” – Tom Brady
“Internment was ‘an option’ in the North as late as 1988” – Adrian Rutherford
“Thatcher offered to train gardai in anti-terror flight” – Adrian Rutherford
“UK feared second Brighton attack”

Page 31
“Cables shine light on how extradition tested ties with US” – Tom Brady


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